Yuba Sutter Domestic Animal Disaster Assistance (YSDADA) works jointly with governmental, non-governmental, and private agencies and organizations and the public in the Yuba-Sutter area to promote the safety and well-being of domestic pets and farm animals affected by a governmentally-declared disaster.

We provide these animals with emergency shelter, necessary veterinary care, and identification for reuniting animals with their owners. All volunteers have completed disaster preparedness training provided by YSDADA and other organizations.

Our public outreach program furthers awareness of animal needs in a disaster, and educates agencies and the public about the importance of being prepared.

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Preparation is the key to protect your family and domestic animals.

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Yuba Sutter Domestic Animal Disaster Assistance Receives Grant

Yuba Sutter Domestic Animal Disaster Assistance recently received a grant in the amount of $2,500 from Noah's Wish.

This grant will be used to puchase equipment and supplies to augment what YSDADA has previously acquired to respond to declared disasters in the Y-S area.

Chairperson Earlene Knight says, "We have spent the last ten years acquiring equipment and supplies, mostly through the generosity of the community. This grant is a significant step foward for us".

YSDADA is the third California organization to receive the Community Animal Preparedness and Safety Grant and one of only four nationwide.

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