1How does your program work:
If an evacuation is called by authorities in the Yuba-Sutter area, they will call us. We then mobilize our volunteers to report to a designated area. We then take in pets dropped off by owners.
2If my house is flooded or my home is in a fire area, what happens to the pets I've left behind?
YSDADA is prepared to take custody of dogs that are rescued by "first responders" who go into dangerous areas and rescue people and animals. Once the first responders bring the animals to us, we will shelter them until you are able to claim them.
3Flooding is a common concern in this area. If an evacuation is called, what do I do?
Because we have a flooding concern in the valley and fire concerns in the foothills, you should prepare in advance for the possibility of evacuation. Make sure your dog carriers are ready to go. We can provide you with instructions for a prepared "Go Bag" for your household pets. We want you to prepare for evacuation for your family and your animals and we will be there to take in your animal that is not welcome at the shelter or local media will direct you to our shelter for drop off.
4What local media will tell us about your shelter?
AM 1600 KUBA is the designated emergency radio station for the area. If a situation is developing, the Appeal-Democrat will also have information for you. We recommend that you tune into KUBA for up to the minute information as the situation unfolds.
5 How can I find out more about disaster preparedness?
See the links above. The Northeastern California Chapter of the American Red Cross also offers free seminars to community groups on disaster preparedness. Contact them to arrange a presentation for your group.
6How do I volunteer?
You can download a volunteer application on our Volunteer page.